The Projecting Kinetoscope

The unit in the center houses the arc-lamp assembly with its two electrode rods (which are visible here). The handles extending from the left of the housing unit control the intensity of the light by adjusting the electronic flow (the arc) between the two rods. On the right is the crank-operated projector, which contains the gate and lens. To the left is the spool bank, which held about 50 feet of film in the form of a continuous loop. Many exhibitors dispensed with the spool bank, substituting crude take-up wheels; still others simply let the film spill from the projector into a soft cloth bag. At this time, the Edison Co. usually printed two versions of each of its films—one with dense images to accommodate the more intense light of the peephole kinetoscope and one with lighter images for the projecting kinetoscope.

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