The Demen˙-Gaumont Chronophotographe

In order to set up commercial operations as La Société générale du phonoscope, Demen˙ patented a chronophotographe (left) in October 1893 even though it was in reality a Marey camera to which he had added his own “beater” mechanism for introducing intermittent motion. A patent in December 1896 describes an improvement in the “beater” device, but Demen˙ turned over commercial rights to Léon Gaumont (see Chapter 6), a photographic-equipment manufacturer, when he was unable to market the machine himself. Gaumont had introduced the so-called Demen˙-Gaumont chronophotographe (right) in 1896, and in 1897, he brought out a model in which Demen˙’s 60mm format had been modified to 35mm.

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