“It Was in the Air”: Inventors in the Margin

The Chronophotographic Tradition

Figure 2.11: Marey’s Advances in Chronophotography
Figure 2.12: Demenÿ’s Phonoscope
Figure 2.13: The Demenÿ-Gaumont Chronophotographe

Independents with Claims to Fame: Le Prince and Friese-Greene

Figure 2.14: The Inventions of Louis Le Prince

Rethinking the “Heroic Interpretation of History”

The Patent and Progress

“A Device for Obtaining and Viewing”: The Cinématographe

Figure 2.15: Photographers on the Move
Figure 2.16: The Cinématographe
Figure 2.17: The Grand Café

“Movement Taken from Life”: The Motion Picture as Actualité

Figure 2.18: The Working Cinématographe

A Little Moment in Time: Sortie d’usine

Figure 2.19: Early Actualités of Louis Lumière

Incidental Details and Unplanned Gestures: Repas de bébé

The First Trick Shot?: Démolition d’un mur

The Filmed Gag: L’Arroseur arosée

An Astonishing Record of Space and Movement: Arrivée d’un train en gare à La Ciotat

Figure 2.20: The Anecdotal Arrival

“The First Magnate and Major Prophet of Documentary Film”

An “Expressive Use of Space”: Process, Order, and Organization

Was Louis Lumiere a “Primitive”?

The Lumières Go Global

The Technocratic Industrialists

The International View of Things

Figure 2.21: Marketing the Cinématographe
Figure 2.22: The International Actualité

Lumière et Fils Repatriates

Figure 2.23: The Single-Hole-Sprocket Format

Reading 2.1: In Theory: The Question of the Mountebank behind the Camera

Figure R2.1: Poster for an Early Cinématographe Exhibition

Reading 2.2: Jump Cut: Primitive Images and Bourgeois Mythologies

Figure R2.2: Primitive Images/Images of the Primitive
Figure R2.3: A 19th-Century Notion of Spectacle
Figure R2.4: The Aphoristic Legacy of William Friese-Greene
Figure R2.5: The Star-Studded Aphorism
Figure R2.6: Observing the Spontaneities

Reading 2.3: In Theory: The Visual Intuition of Louis Lumière

Figure R2.7: Compositions in Motion for the Cinématographe
Figure R2.8: Images of the Boulevard des Capucines
Figure R2.9: The Pointillism of Louis Lumière

Reading 2.4: Jump Cut: “The Cinema Is an Invention without a Future”

Figure R2.10: Un’ Invenzione senza Avvenire
Figure R2.11: Cinema: A Classical Perspective
Figure R2.12: Bébé
Figure R2.13: Gazing at the World with a Lucid Eye
Figure R2.14: “Do You Think I Have a Cute Ass?”

Biographical Sketch 2.1: Louis Lumière

Figure B2.1: The Lumière Photorama
Figure B2.2: Hangar du Premier-Film
Figure B2.3: The Lumière Autochrome
Figure B2.4: The Brothers of Invention
Figure B2.5: Celebrating the Cinématographe



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