Paul’s Theatrograph

If the Armat-Edison vitascope and the Lumière cinématographe incorporated all previously existing technology for projecting motion pictures, the theatrograph incorporated advances which made it the forerunner of technology featured by the modern projector. Paul premiered his first version of the machine in February 1896, but because reviewers found the picture inferior to that of the Lumière cinématographe (see Chapter 2), he immediately improved the Maltese cross apparatus (see Figure 1.32) for intermittent movement (the two-wheel mechanism can be seen in the picture on the left). For this second model, the Theatrograph No. 2, Mark 1, which Paul patented just two weeks after the first exhibition of the original, he also enhanced the shutter and other features. This is the version of the theatrograph featured in all three photos. The picture on the right shows the projector ready for use on its stand; the large black unit behind the projector is a lamphouse for providing light.

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