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Figure 4.20

One Way of Executing a Reproduction

The Execution of Czolgosz with Panorama of Auburn Prison

Edwin S. Porter, Edison Manufacturing Co., USA, 1901

The first shot of the full four-shot version of the film (which is not represented here) presents an opening view of the prison wall glimpsed from behind some railroad cars in the foreground. The second shot (left), which the Edison catalogue describes as a “panoramic view of Auburn Prison,” does in fact feature a panning camera, which, beginning from the elevation shown here, descends into the prison yard before dissolving into Shot 3—the view of guards entering Czolgosz’s death-row cell (center). The last shot (right) begins with an activity that’s actually simultaneous with Shot 3 (the preparation of the electric chair) before proceeding to the execution itself (“a detailed reproduction,” promises the catalogue, “. . . faithfully carried out from the description of an eyewitness”).

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