Time and Again (I)

How They Do Things in the Bowery

Edwin S. Porter, Edison Manufacturing Co., USA, 1902

In the first shot (left), a young woman drops her handkerchief, which is picked up by “a Rube” (as he’s called in the Edison catalogue). In the second shot, they go into a saloon, where the woman puts knockout drops in the Rube’s drink and steals his valuables. Finding him asleep at the table, the waiter runs him toward the door (second from left), tosses him into the street, and pitches his suitcase after him (center). In the third shot, a police paddy wagon (captured by a panning camera) pulls up to the saloon, where the waiter once again pushes the Rube into the street (second from right) and, once again, hurls his suitcase after him (right).

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