See the moving  


What the Voyeur Saw

As Seen through a Telescope

G. A. Smith, Great Britain, 1900

As in Grandma’s Reading Glass (Figure 5.6), Smith uses some kind of magnifying device (a telescope—Shot 1) to enhance the pretext for inserting a masked shot (of a man caressing a girl’s ankle—Shot 2) that’s designed to simulate the main character’s point of view. This three-shot film, however, is an advance on Grandma’s Reading Glass because Smith makes some attempt to incorporate the two-shot gimmick into a rudimentary narrative, which emerges as a consequence of Shot 3 (not shown): the old voyeur sits down, and as the couple pass by, the man knocks him over, revealing the fact that the watcher has been watched, too, and adding a bit of comic irony to the anecdote.

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