Schematic for a Three-Shot Scene

Shot 1 is an establishing shot that locates Character A within the context of the room. Shot 2 is a closer view of Character A. Neither Shot 1 nor Shot 2 includes the door or Character B. Shot 3 is a medium long shot which includes Character A in the foreground but which looks past Character A to Character B. Whether or not Character A turns to look in the direction of Character B, the point of view is that of the camera: the camera, therefore, has entered the scene and narrated everything directly. Shot 1 and Shot 2 include both Character A and Table 1. The spatial relationship between the two subjects in the frame is not the same from shot to shot, but it remains logical despite the shift in perspective effected by the cut. In this pure illustration of découpage classique, the logic of camera perspective and the logic of space are inherently connected.

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