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Continuity IN Action (I)

Stop Thief!

James Williamson, Great Britain, 1901

This film is constructed out of three shots, all of which feature fast-paced dramatic action. Trudging along a country road, a tramp is presented with an unusual opportunity when he spots a nonchalant butcher carrying a leg of lamb on a tray. Grabbing the meat (1—Shot 1), he races down a nearby residential road (2—Shot 2), followed by a pack of dogs (hot on the scent of the meat) and then the irate butcher (3—Shot 2). Reaching an open field where there happens to be a large barrel, he tosses the stolen meat inside and crawls in after it (4—Shot 3). When the dogs arrive, they jump in the barrel after the tramp (5—Shot 3), and by the time the butcher arrives to yank him from the barrel (6—Shot 3), there’s nothing left but a bare bone. The film ends after an extended tussle between the tramp and the butcher.

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