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Action in Unified Space

Daring Daylight Burglary

Frank Mottershaw, Sheffied Photo Co., Great Britain, 1903

Coupled with the film’s rapid pacing, its range of exterior locations reflects Mottershaw’s determination to make his film as visually and dramatically compelling as possible. The excitement starts when a burglar, having scaled the garden wall, tries to break into a house (Shot 1), only to be seen by a boy (2) who rushes to summon the police (3). A rooftop scuffle ensues, with one policeman being injured and taken away in an ambulance (4). Meanwhile, the constable’s partner catches the culprit on a rural road (5), where there’s another struggle. Again, the burglar breaks free, and, chased by two policemen through the countryside (6) and across a stream (7), manages to board a train at a nearby station (8). At the other end of the line, however, a waiting policeman, with the help of a civic-minded porter, finally subdues him (9).

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