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The Great Train Robbery (I)

Edwin S. Porter, Edison Co., 1903

  1. From Scene 1   Two bandits force the operator to stop the train. This storyline is not picked up again until Scene 10.
  2. From Scene 3   Unable to find the key to the strongbox, the bandits resort to dynamite. (Many of the scenes in The Great Train Robbery were partially hand-tinted—colored by hand with delicate brushes.)
  3. From Scene 4   Intending to get to the engineer, two bandits climb onto the tender of the moving train, where they’re resisted by the fireman.
  4. From Scene 6   As the passengers are forced from the train and robbed, one imprudent fellow (played by future cowboy star G.M. “Broncho Billy” Anderson) is shot trying to escape.

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