The Lineage of the Gaumont Chronographe

Lťon Gaumontís 35mm camera-projector of 1897 (shown here) was an improved version of his 60mm chronophotographe of 1896. The latter was based on a machine of the same name which Gaumont had built in conjunction with Georges Demenˇ in 1895 and which was in reality an improved version of an apparatus built by …tienne-Jules Marey (see Chapter 2.1). Gaumont took over Demenˇís patent rights when Demenˇ was unable to market the machine on his own. Originally a manufacturer of photographic equipment, Gaumont devoted himself to technical research even during the era of his production companyís headiest expansion. He worked continually on various systems for synchronizing sound with motion pictures (see Figure 6.4) and introduced a color process called chronochrome in 1918.

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