“One Novelty for Each Day of the Week”

By the end of 1906, Pathé’s output had become sufficient for it to make good on the promise made in this ad, which appeared in the April 20, 1907, edition of Views and Films Index, a trade weekly financed jointly by Pathé and Vitagraph. Pathé was turning out three to six new subjects every week and, according to some sources, shipped 75 copies of every one to the American market. The company promoted The Life and Passion of Christ (Vie et la passion de N.S.J.C.) with a 44-page booklet, and the one-hour “feature” was undoubtedly the most popular release of the 1907-1908 season. Note that Pathé is still selling films outright; the practice of renting them was initiated a few months later (and standardized by the Congrès International des Fabricants de Film in 1909—see Figure 6.12).

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